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MoSo Anti-Malware Newly Added 1722 Malware Research(Updated at 14/11/2009)

1722 malware were caught by our honeypot network at 14/11/2009,Using powerful winpot based technology means we are able to see all bad files faster and protect you from them sooner,Here are the top ten malware variants:acCjngH97w.fon,suchots.exe,CRTV11.exe,data.exe,sys.exe,pci.sys,
,Below is the other active infections:

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Note:MoSo Anti-Malware can easily block and remove all harmful applications as shown in the table below.Download at:http://www.moatsoft.com/download

File Name Size CRC Packed Variants Virus Type
~Frm.exe 13312bytes 0X9C73E156 no 2 Trojan
~104892.exe 8704bytes 0XC1DCC694 no 2 Trojan
~104892.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 2 Password
x2[1].exe 1536bytes 0XEA06533C no 2 KeyLogger
tmp.tmp 2986bytes 0X9404BCD6 yes 2 Trojan
system.exe 11776bytes 0X02D88AA2 no 2 Password
sdk2.dll 70274bytes 0X5446F3EE no 2 KeyLogger
rJaeKv7CcbwSzhQbDu.cur 18944bytes 0XBDE3D6CB no 2 BackDoor
PxXD69swrHuwJsBCpn42UJ7.cur 21593bytes 0XF3C0C879 no 2 Trojan
pcidump.sys 11904bytes 0X72848EB2 no 2 BackDoor
nfd.exe 25616bytes 0XDF896D17 no 2 KeyLogger
kb814113645.dll 27233bytes 0XC4AE3A3F yes 2 KeyLogger
kb714113726.dll 12713bytes 0XFBE50DDF yes 2 Trojan
jY8sGUnWqbZb3x2BPhY.dll 18513bytes 0XCDA55124 no 2 BackDoor
gpkhgfiq.dat 236552bytes 0X1E70CE42 no 2 BackDoor
gen_yqllyrics.dll 53248bytes 0X597563CD no 2 BackDoor
data[1].exe 1198bytes 0X0FC308C9 yes 2 BackDoor
data.exe 24321bytes 0XE1BB41BB yes 2 BackDoor
common.exe 3740bytes 0X8837EFD0 yes 2 Trojan
az.exe 40960bytes 0X763A6155 no 2 Trojan
ayqlfnc.exe 54784bytes 0X58A8B9F3 no 2 BackDoor
aa33[1].exe 9815bytes 0X6779B419 no 2 BackDoor
aa30[1].exe 14134bytes 0X9DDC3B3B no 2 Password
aa16[1].exe 17014bytes 0X46EC30C0 no 2 KeyLogger
a37qvodsetup3.exe 306709bytes 0X321CF93B no 2 Trojan
a24[1].exe 6957bytes 0XD39CC062 no 2 Password
a21[1].exe 6956bytes 0XDAA960F1 no 2 Password
a20[1].exe 6956bytes 0X11617A42 no 2 Trojan
a18[1].exe 11277bytes 0XE2E7BADE no 2 BackDoor
a.exe 29712bytes 0XC8BCC6D3 no 2 Trojan
8350921_xeex.exe 7598bytes 0X49F31790 no 2 Trojan
8347906_xeex.exe 18536bytes 0X358322C3 yes 2 Trojan
8344578_xeex.exe 68096bytes 0XB838F60F no 2 Password
8295390_xeex.exe 26216bytes 0XD6E79952 no 2 Password
8289015_xeex.exe 26726bytes 0XDC45DD0A no 2 Password
8281968_xeex.exe 66845bytes 0X8D94CDB8 no 2 Trojan
8272625_xeex.exe 24576bytes 0XFDC0EDE2 no 2 Password
8266984_xeex.exe 25711bytes 0XEE7D31A7 no 2 BackDoor
8261843_xeex.exe 21520bytes 0XBA61CD75 no 2 BackDoor
8253140_xeex.exe 73634bytes 0XC11A47D9 yes 2 Trojan
8247734_xeex.exe 28778bytes 0X0A0EEDE6 no 2 Trojan
8242562_xeex.exe 23152bytes 0XA5EC39C1 no 2 KeyLogger
8237625_xeex.exe 25209bytes 0XE97F07AD no 2 BackDoor
8232812_xeex.exe 27250bytes 0X3A2FC0AE no 2 BackDoor
8227484_xeex.exe 26738bytes 0X85B69BFF no 2 Password
8211484_xeex.exe 24689bytes 0XB3777FB8 no 2 BackDoor
8207109_xeex.exe 27239bytes 0X7D0DCF9A no 2 Trojan
8201859_xeex.exe 25616bytes 0X537BB93B no 2 KeyLogger
8196781_xeex.exe 27152bytes 0X43B3530B no 2 Trojan
8191453_xeex.exe 27238bytes 0XAF7B2A87 no 2 Password
8186062_xeex.exe 27782bytes 0X58AC8271 no 2 KeyLogger
8180796_xeex.exe 27248bytes 0XC4F71B64 no 2 BackDoor
8175562_xeex.exe 26242bytes 0XD66CD2CD no 2 Password
8170328_xeex.exe 28176bytes 0X0C7A3EB7 no 2 BackDoor
8164984_xeex.exe 29712bytes 0X8FC66B31 no 2 BackDoor
8159718_xeex.exe 30224bytes 0XBA454193 no 2 BackDoor
8154421_xeex.exe 29828bytes 0X5A80B4E3 no 2 Password
8143265_xeex.exe 31248bytes 0X0C75A00F no 2 BackDoor
8138859_xeex.exe 13435bytes 0X3BE28DC6 yes 2 Password
718484_xeex.exe 23666bytes 0XE9C3BBBE no 2 Password
710937_xeex.exe 27243bytes 0X99E9137A no 2 BackDoor
704078_xeex.exe 24689bytes 0XB3777FB8 no 2 Password
617578_xeex.exe 28273bytes 0X9EBFDBB5 no 2 BackDoor
20[1].exe 6974bytes 0X485413A2 no 2 Trojan
1687331 11776bytes 0X0DE559CF no 2 Trojan
1663643 12288bytes 0XFA19FA4B no 2 Trojan
1645970 12713bytes 0X954449FD yes 2 KeyLogger
1444632 23663bytes 0X8E988B8C no 2 BackDoor
1426584 5367bytes 0X3309618C yes 2 Password
01.sys 218372bytes 0X2A44C41E no 2 Trojan
~uf14.tmp 5367bytes 0X8CE5AE78 yes 1 Trojan
~t118.tmp 110596bytes 0X8C3D2F2D no 1 BackDoor
~103857.exe 8704bytes 0X640C1452 no 1 Trojan
~103857.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 1 BackDoor
zUzgU8WWpYntt6NfUWT.inf 21504bytes 0X439E5D09 no 3 Password
z6FVkEF47huPzgaXee.inf 18520bytes 0X760C4E9F no 3 Password
YiqilaiLyrics.dll 139776bytes 0X0F76581C no 3 Trojan
YFwxJedmk5zygvbBT.inf 22124bytes 0XA411EE38 no 3 Trojan
Y4npJWJNr.dll 16472bytes 0X34341615 no 3 Trojan
x86[1].exe 1215bytes 0X8B084199 no 1 Trojan
x5.exe 40960bytes 0X4C73B9FA no 1 BackDoor
WUstNjhyfQfpv8PQbC.cur 20480bytes 0X7A4ED735 no 3 KeyLogger
wuji[1].exe 15575bytes 0X50D79B8F yes 1 Trojan
Wsock32.dll 53248bytes 0XF5961BE3 no 3 Trojan
ws2_32.dll 32768bytes 0X6EBF64B3 no 3 BackDoor
winyyy.sys 21248bytes 0XF2EE82BE no 1 Password
winsys.exe 45056bytes 0X5C1FAB86 no 1 KeyLogger
winsccoo.exe 139776bytes 0XD264107F no 1 KeyLogger
WinRAR.exe 17408bytes 0XBD3890E0 no 1 BackDoor
winldr.dll 192512bytes 0X644A6806 no 3 BackDoor
Wfayv6njQnCsg.inf 23552bytes 0X8D725F3F no 3 KeyLogger
updater.exe 38957bytes 0X84BBAE2C no 1 Trojan
ujMhyGsS7tRV9gU2HHMkJcu7DPU.inf 20564bytes 0XE2930B8D no 3 KeyLogger
t9hdtMrwMeQcvYV3CMvhtNZpC.inf 18515bytes 0X6CC06681 no 1 Password
sZaeAC74EzXJeVeJu6p.cur 16986bytes 0XA82E573B no 3 Trojan
sys.exe 32768bytes 0X58D8F082 no 3 Trojan
suchots.exe 5120bytes 0X584A4E45 no 3 Trojan
smss.exe 270336bytes 0X8279ED69 no 1 BackDoor
SjRjQgREDp3P8B4rEEg.cur 24154bytes 0X11CF2F4B no 3 Password
SCEVFJRCmaB7.dll 17488bytes 0X5F55BA18 no 3 KeyLogger
SbrmpxjdCrgRAFhz4gHh.inf 14848bytes 0X047B453A no 3 BackDoor
RXNK8eR3xW8KTCWBCGTbqm.inf 19562bytes 0X2CAB4363 no 1 KeyLogger
RUw6jGCJJGg4B6RDY83.cur 21504bytes 0X4F8A2006 no 1 Password
rk26[1].exe 18454bytes 0X7F3F42AC yes 1 Trojan
rk25[1].exe 19894bytes 0X1B28B3EA no 1 Password
rk24[1].exe 17014bytes 0XDE0D6C11 no 1 Trojan
rk22[1].exe 15574bytes 0XC9AD65BB no 1 KeyLogger
rk21[1].exe 14135bytes 0XADC08109 no 1 BackDoor
rk19[1].exe 12694bytes 0X3213E368 no 1 BackDoor
rk17[1].exe 11255bytes 0XB149367A no 1 Trojan
rk16[1].exe 9814bytes 0X237F6237 no 1 KeyLogger
rk15[1].exe 19894bytes 0X4E5CC887 no 1 Trojan
rk14[1].exe 15574bytes 0XD3622ACF no 1 KeyLogger
rk13[1].exe 15574bytes 0X20F839D1 no 1 BackDoor
rk12[1].exe 17014bytes 0X4D563270 no 1 Password
rk11[1].exe 15574bytes 0X73E19B75 no 1 Password
rk10[1].exe 15574bytes 0X38AB781D no 1 Trojan
rk09[1].exe 12694bytes 0X108E55FA no 1 KeyLogger
rk08[1].exe 11254bytes 0X695E866A no 1 BackDoor
rk07[1].exe 9814bytes 0XEF6F1DAA no 1 Trojan
rk06[1].exe 6934bytes 0XEC9DF533 no 1 Trojan
rk04[1].exe 15574bytes 0X0E763684 no 1 BackDoor
rk03[1].exe 18455bytes 0XB9F562FA no 1 BackDoor
rk02[1].exe 17015bytes 0XEECFC7B3 no 1 Password
qzp3jTZCSfSh.dll 225868bytes 0XB577ADC6 no 3 Password
qq2.exe 26203bytes 0XA7A1EA1D no 1 Password
qq.exe 22528bytes 0X4EFB2E19 no 3 Trojan
PERrGx5DkqSbQdwauCRQH.dll 18944bytes 0X31585CE1 no 3 KeyLogger
pEcFwPj48y6DADf87r.inf 18010bytes 0XC2EF810A no 3 Trojan
n[1].exe 2654bytes 0X7A5DEA23 no 3 BackDoor
nXe2grrKNzF9dxYKmqg.inf 22098bytes 0XF72A5D7B no 3 Trojan
nWSDWJ9KSzcNsaTKtnSUwv8P7VU.inf 19562bytes 0XD40A42D4 no 3 Trojan
ndxq9awMc.dll 17998bytes 0X94A0FBB2 no 3 KeyLogger
ms[1].exe 5495bytes 0X549A7FC2 yes 3 BackDoor
killdll.dll 51200bytes 0X0DB49704 no 3 Password
kb814201843.dll 26684bytes 0XA58200F8 yes 1 Password
kb714201926.dll 12713bytes 0XFBE50DDF yes 1 Trojan
kb51420954.dll 14214bytes 0XD1E09B92 yes 1 BackDoor
jrtvvwmx.dat 236552bytes 0X5CE40E2F no 1 BackDoor
JMq7bpeR4Xa8eV5ftCB.inf 20570bytes 0X7CE55742 no 3 KeyLogger
j9[1].css 2630bytes 0X4369B7AE no 1 Password
hv29AFBjE3zxAaK.inf 18515bytes 0X8F6FBA83 no 3 Password
hkkdoai.exe 56832bytes 0X1868AB12 no 1 KeyLogger
gxrSG8sdA4hAbGNQXnr9JGFu6nZ.cur 20558bytes 0X38D4D2B7 no 3 KeyLogger
FsmBY3kmWnAG5gRbwGgU.inf 21102bytes 0X2AFB6B51 no 3 Trojan
EY5zY7JPqtgQ4mxgERCp5.inf 16983bytes 0X32588B96 no 3 BackDoor
dHook.sys 2080bytes 0XE54161AA no 3 Trojan
ddVPascWfSShX0VrqXGjB.inf 17920bytes 0X74AADB82 no 3 Trojan
CRTV14.exe 139264bytes 0XB1B55D6E no 1 KeyLogger
CRTV11.exe 139264bytes 0XBAD3782B no 1 KeyLogger
comres.dll 22528bytes 0XFC7FFC76 no 3 BackDoor
Ces5WqX3ApQMPmMbYZUxPYh.inf 22528bytes 0X542FCFF3 no 1 KeyLogger
CDuAUVkGy9.dll 14431bytes 0XAC005474 no 3 KeyLogger
cconter.exe 70152bytes 0X12B3A0A3 no 3 BackDoor
c2nH4numz9knY5zqnC.inf 17920bytes 0XFA6273D4 no 3 Password
bWxJAeWKDxgRfhkaWEfA33C36nr.inf 23115bytes 0X31CDAA1E no 3 Trojan
BtmBAnd89jc9PsPq5EKNj.inf 221271bytes 0X092D30D5 no 3 BackDoor
Be2zSA4GzteK8fFNV.cur 22105bytes 0X47B46355 no 1 BackDoor
bbgg.exe 38944bytes 0X3706A2D3 no 1 Password
AsyncMac.sys 2048bytes 0XA5BCD021 no 3 KeyLogger
AN2Epfv2VzeHreV.fon 17498bytes 0X4FAB7B67 no 3 BackDoor
aec.SYS 2944bytes 0X2C0E52F9 no 3 Password
acCjngH97w.fon 19033bytes 0X91ABF1E5 no 1 Trojan
aa9[1].exe 17014bytes 0X119B3F15 no 3 Trojan
aa8[1].exe 17014bytes 0X30E5BFFD no 3 Trojan
aa7[1].exe 18454bytes 0X8CD82D40 no 3 Trojan
aa6[1].exe 17015bytes 0XC5EDAE6E no 3 BackDoor
aa5[1].exe 17015bytes 0XFBE9166E no 3 KeyLogger
aa4[1].exe 17016bytes 0X702724D2 no 3 BackDoor
aa3[1].exe 17014bytes 0XCCCAC547 no 3 BackDoor
aa24[1].exe 5495bytes 0X8442EBC4 yes 3 BackDoor
aa21.exe 27250bytes 0X47E65EC4 no 1 BackDoor
aa20[1].exe 17014bytes 0XDD6E8080 no 3 Password
aa19[1].exe 19895bytes 0XB2D0C512 no 3 Password
aa18[1].exe 17014bytes 0X52666272 no 3 KeyLogger
aa17[1].exe 15574bytes 0XFDFCBE73 no 3 BackDoor
aa15[1].exe 17014bytes 0X242CC86F no 3 Password
aa14[1].exe 17014bytes 0X11356EBD no 3 KeyLogger
aa13[1].exe 17014bytes 0X1EE6978D no 3 Password
aa12[1].exe 17014bytes 0X47B70DBA no 3 Trojan
aa11[1].exe 17015bytes 0X8B8ED478 no 3 BackDoor
aa10[1].exe 19895bytes 0XF5316C51 no 1 KeyLogger
aa1.exe 29712bytes 0XD60EC890 no 1 KeyLogger
A97CRaCB.fon 18009bytes 0X18515BB8 no 3 Password
A2CbFrBy28J6zdXNZgqCtJ6Ae.inf 18529bytes 0X05EC5579 no 3 Password
a26[1].exe 6957bytes 0XCF0ED57A no 1 Trojan
a25[1].exe 6957bytes 0XC12B5118 no 1 KeyLogger
a23[1].exe 6958bytes 0X94B0CC82 no 1 Password
a22[1].exe 6956bytes 0XF6E67572 no 1 BackDoor
a12[1].exe 6956bytes 0X901CFE1F no 1 KeyLogger
a11[1].exe 18478bytes 0X01A8E7F8 no 1 BackDoor
a09[1].exe 17036bytes 0X4C332E46 no 1 Password
a06[1].exe 6957bytes 0X43F5D750 no 1 Trojan
a05.exe 31248bytes 0X43CE014D no 1 BackDoor
8.exe 180688bytes 0X1B64E725 no 1 BackDoor
4H5HJTHFZkxrCpehBpx4TmR.inf 24576bytes 0X84B79EAC no 3 Trojan
4232265_xeex.exe 24592bytes 0XD2D76AAB no 1 BackDoor
4226015_xeex.exe 28777bytes 0X975011CB no 1 Password
4219734_xeex.exe 27250bytes 0X9074E3C5 no 1 Trojan
4213421_xeex.exe 25209bytes 0X164496A8 no 1 Trojan
4181609_xeex.exe 23665bytes 0X6F9CB030 no 1 Trojan
4175421_xeex.exe 27152bytes 0XCB30E6DE no 1 BackDoor
4169234_xeex.exe 27244bytes 0X47000221 no 1 BackDoor
4162984_xeex.exe 27781bytes 0X47381F70 no 1 Password
4156625_xeex.exe 27248bytes 0X473D4644 no 1 BackDoor
4106968_xeex.exe 29712bytes 0XE09ACB1B no 1 KeyLogger
4100656_xeex.exe 30847bytes 0X4530E384 no 1 BackDoor
38[1].exe 2654bytes 0X2B8A2DE4 yes 3 KeyLogger
37[1].exe 2654bytes 0XDA39FA7B yes 1 KeyLogger
2exJW3dsaTgWrf5uAPadmHN.inf 226412bytes 0X9D4DBF44 no 3 Trojan
2exJW3dsaTgWrf5uAPadmHN.dll 225900bytes 0XA78E078D no 3 BackDoor
2EF0D734.dll 220248bytes 0XFDF4C393 no 3 BackDoor
1602312_xeex.exe 7600bytes 0X6CFA2FE7 no 1 Password
1568890_xeex.exe 18536bytes 0X358322C3 yes 1 BackDoor
1453140_xeex.exe 27250bytes 0X3A2FC0AE no 1 BackDoor
1446765_xeex.exe 26738bytes 0X85B69BFF no 1 Trojan
1440265_xeex.exe 23666bytes 0XE9C3BBBE no 1 KeyLogger
1436225 5367bytes 0X3309618C yes 1 KeyLogger
1412718_xeex.exe 25616bytes 0X537BB93B no 1 BackDoor
1406390_xeex.exe 27152bytes 0X43B3530B no 1 KeyLogger
1400109_xeex.exe 27238bytes 0XAF7B2A87 no 1 Password
1393812_xeex.exe 27782bytes 0X58AC8271 no 1 BackDoor
1387453_xeex.exe 27248bytes 0XC4F71B64 no 1 Password
1381171_xeex.exe 26242bytes 0XD66CD2CD no 1 KeyLogger
1374921_xeex.exe 28176bytes 0X0C7A3EB7 no 1 Password
1371609_xeex.exe 29712bytes 0X8FC66B31 no 1 BackDoor
1365312_xeex.exe 30224bytes 0XBA454193 no 1 BackDoor
1359046_xeex.exe 29828bytes 0X5A80B4E3 no 1 Trojan
1352812_xeex.exe 28785bytes 0XE5D563AF no 1 KeyLogger
1349437_xeex.exe 31248bytes 0X0C75A00F no 1 BackDoor
122B901E.dll 18511bytes 0X91B88B50 no 3 Trojan
11527703_xeex.exe 85264bytes 0X6AC5FD3F yes 1 KeyLogger
11524859_xeex.exe 73638bytes 0XBA3B9A6B yes 1 KeyLogger
11510281_xeex.exe 29795bytes 0X33BDCE8C no 1 Password
11507296_xeex.exe 27243bytes 0X3384330A no 1 BackDoor
11504437_xeex.exe 24690bytes 0XE198E9DF no 1 Password
11501546_xeex.exe 27239bytes 0X64D5288D no 1 BackDoor
11484093_xeex.exe 26242bytes 0X87EA37CB no 1 KeyLogger
11481171_xeex.exe 28176bytes 0XCB3B7D23 no 1 Password
11478218_xeex.exe 25616bytes 0XD915B9AA no 1 Trojan
11475312_xeex.exe 30224bytes 0XD9083FBF no 1 Password
11472453_xeex.exe 30340bytes 0XBFA41D71 no 1 Password
11469578_xeex.exe 28789bytes 0X96D1D6C5 no 1 BackDoor
11460218_xeex.exe 31248bytes 0XFA54E627 no 1 Password
1047061.exe 1536bytes 0XE392DBA7 no 1 BackDoor
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