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MoSo Anti-Malware

MoSo Anti-Malware Newly Added 1456 Malware Research(Updated at 20/11/2009)

1456 malware were caught by our honeypot network at 20/11/2009,Using powerful winpot based technology means we are able to see all bad files faster and protect you from them sooner,Here are the top ten malware variants:kbsao.fon,SysLive.exe,SysCheck.exe,lvbao.exe,stiifile.dll,try2951.dll,
,Below is the other active infections:

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Note:MoSo Anti-Malware can easily block and remove all harmful applications as shown in the table below.Download at:http://www.moatsoft.com/download

File Name Size CRC Packed Variants Virus Type
~hjv.tmp 8256bytes 0XC922F806 no 2 Password
~283825.exe 8704bytes 0XF756A287 no 2 BackDoor
~283825.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 2 Password
temp.exe 88576bytes 0XA95D8D35 no 2 Password
nWSDWJ9KSzcNsaTKtnSUwv8P7VU.inf 19562bytes 0X8F1058D4 no 2 KeyLogger
ndxq9awMc.dll 17998bytes 0X6360A7A8 no 2 Trojan
kbsao.fon 7040bytes 0X68F6949A no 2 Trojan
hjvm.fon 18944bytes 0X24662529 no 2 Password
3202995 24592bytes 0X7A1FB3FD no 2 Password
3187979 27242bytes 0XEF84BB7C no 2 Trojan
3172978 28778bytes 0X760B618C no 2 Trojan
3158164 26726bytes 0X6E640DD4 no 2 Password
3143257 25711bytes 0X4B8902B4 no 2 Password
3110646 5367bytes 0X3309618C yes 2 BackDoor
3095785 27152bytes 0X25295E19 no 2 KeyLogger
3080956 24690bytes 0X6A4BD7C6 no 2 BackDoor
3066111 27251bytes 0XAF59D929 no 2 BackDoor
3051220 21520bytes 0XE37513BF no 2 Password
3036922 27782bytes 0X66525558 no 2 Password
3022124 24178bytes 0X8E474BA2 no 2 KeyLogger
2992575 27237bytes 0XA34C2C23 no 2 KeyLogger
2977887 27237bytes 0X12AA1151 no 2 Trojan
2952353 26242bytes 0X8B4986CC no 2 BackDoor
2936868 30340bytes 0X67ED4E9C no 2 KeyLogger
2915569 27214bytes 0XE30FDF20 yes 2 KeyLogger
2862517 13877bytes 0X35D6128E yes 2 Password
Server.exe 88392bytes 0XB98CFE40 no 2 BackDoor
QvodSetupPlus3.exe 152456bytes 0X36D9319D no 2 KeyLogger
google.dll 159744bytes 0XBACF9916 no 2 Password
~uf30.tmp 5367bytes 0X8CE5AE78 yes 1 Trojan
~uf1A.tmp 5367bytes 0X8CE5AE78 yes 1 Trojan
~876687.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 1 BackDoor
~54896.exe 8704bytes 0XF756A287 no 1 Password
~54896.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 1 Trojan
zx.exe 12341bytes 0XBD631131 yes 1 KeyLogger
zt[1].exe 8192bytes 0XB3D1F0F4 no 1 Password
zt.exe 18432bytes 0X3E9EF5A5 no 1 KeyLogger
z6FVkEF47huPzgaXee.inf 18509bytes 0X2CFCDB3E no 1 Trojan
yxd[1].exe 8192bytes 0XCEACCC32 no 1 BackDoor
yxd.exe 23151bytes 0XB9F06F57 no 1 KeyLogger
xx[1].exe 8192bytes 0XC64A57A5 no 1 KeyLogger
xx.exe 27748bytes 0X5D06D9D0 no 1 BackDoor
xc.exe 11852bytes 0X4C3DE3C4 yes 1 KeyLogger
x2[1].exe 1536bytes 0XEA06533C no 3 Trojan
wybho.dll 73802bytes 0X0E513844 no 1 BackDoor
WUstNjhyfQfpv8PQbC.cur 20480bytes 0X7A4ED735 no 1 BackDoor
wow[1].exe 8192bytes 0X84C9E1AA no 1 BackDoor
wow.exe 16384bytes 0XDDA6A139 no 1 KeyLogger
WndHook.dll 167936bytes 0X9D3580FA no 1 KeyLogger
wm.exe 18432bytes 0X0901B7D8 no 1 Trojan
wl[1].exe 9216bytes 0XDC211F40 no 1 KeyLogger
wl.exe 27243bytes 0X74CBE915 no 1 Password
winyyy.sys 21248bytes 0XF2EE82BE no 3 KeyLogger
winsys.exe 45056bytes 0X5C1FAB86 no 3 Password
winsys.dll 159744bytes 0XBACF9916 no 1 Password
winsccoo.exe 139776bytes 0X5C4B48CB no 3 BackDoor
winhelp32.exe 100352bytes 0X2AC42CDF no 1 KeyLogger
wd[1].exe 28804bytes 0XA205ACED no 1 KeyLogger
wd.exe 22528bytes 0X453B4FBA no 1 Trojan
vkhrjdki.dat 239112bytes 0X5EF8B098 no 1 KeyLogger
UadN5xYYC8FXprkCdzyMewN.inf 22124bytes 0XA3F0BF2F no 1 KeyLogger
try2951.dll 139264bytes 0X576D44CB no 1 BackDoor
tlmhzx1104.dll 49152bytes 0X5FEC530A no 1 Password
sZaeAC74EzXJeVeJu6p.cur 16985bytes 0X4A281E6A no 3 Password
SysLive.exe 88392bytes 0XB98CFE40 no 1 KeyLogger
SysCheck.exe 215913bytes 0X7500376C yes 1 Password
sxft[1].exe 8192bytes 0X9D5594A2 no 1 Trojan
sxft.exe 25712bytes 0X94F46AB0 no 1 KeyLogger
swzcj.exe 45056bytes 0XD8129E6B no 1 Trojan
stiifile.dll 69632bytes 0XEAAF7048 no 1 Password
sm[1].exe 8192bytes 0X5937BC9D no 1 Trojan
smss.exe 270336bytes 0X6FD39084 no 3 KeyLogger
sm.exe 21520bytes 0XD6EB5A79 no 1 KeyLogger
sg[1].exe 9216bytes 0X60A0EB84 no 1 BackDoor
sg.exe 28176bytes 0X5ED9625D no 1 Password
SDK.Dll 70215bytes 0X5382FBA9 no 1 KeyLogger
SbrmpxjdCrgRAFhz4gHh.inf 14848bytes 0X047B453A no 3 BackDoor
rxjh[1].exe 8192bytes 0X04A1CF88 no 1 Password
rxjh.exe 25600bytes 0XF3EE305F no 1 Password
RUw6jGCJJGg4B6RDY83.cur 21504bytes 0X4F8A2006 no 1 Trojan
rpcss.dll 388608bytes 0XA7FF4D08 no 1 KeyLogger
qzp3jTZCSfSh.dll 225868bytes 0XC627BC6A no 1 Trojan
qvod.exe 284105bytes 0X361FBF5A no 1 KeyLogger
qqzy[1].exe 8192bytes 0X7C69F6C7 no 1 Password
qqzy.exe 26624bytes 0X0C7C5B26 no 1 Trojan
qqsg.exe 18432bytes 0X15B4CC91 no 1 BackDoor
qqhx[1].exe 9216bytes 0X0881B5F5 no 1 Trojan
qqhx.exe 26624bytes 0XD4A53759 no 1 Trojan
qlaetoq.exe 54272bytes 0X6C1B52C7 no 1 KeyLogger
PPlayer.2.1.58130.251.(508).dll 110080bytes 0X6E88FC98 no 1 Trojan
plink.exe 40960bytes 0X8BA5F8EA no 1 KeyLogger
phnddtxb.dat 239112bytes 0X68C1CDF4 no 1 KeyLogger
PERrGx5DkqSbQdwauCRQH.dll 18944bytes 0X31585CE1 no 1 KeyLogger
pEcFwPj48y6DADf87r.inf 18009bytes 0X761F9CB4 no 1 KeyLogger
ordt.fon 18944bytes 0X24662529 no 1 KeyLogger
nXe2grrKNzF9dxYKmqg.inf 22098bytes 0XAF34F453 no 3 Trojan
my[1].exe 8192bytes 0XDA8306FD no 1 KeyLogger
my.exe 12288bytes 0X890EE341 no 1 Password
mxd[1].exe 10240bytes 0X567124A6 no 1 Password
mxd.exe 24592bytes 0XC1D806CB no 1 KeyLogger
mstcs.exe 71680bytes 0X5997F472 no 1 BackDoor
msevmomk.dat 239112bytes 0XA7090998 no 1 Password
mm.exe 23040bytes 0XA64ED6BD no 1 Password
mk.exe 86016bytes 0XC2A8708B no 1 KeyLogger
mh.exe 14542bytes 0X84A40887 yes 1 BackDoor
mfc64.exe 26112bytes 0XA48944B0 no 1 KeyLogger
lvbao[1].exe 6958bytes 0X5F5A9D44 yes 1 Trojan
lsass.exe 12288bytes 0XAD9E7A9F no 1 BackDoor
kernel64.exe 45056bytes 0X46669194 no 1 Password
kb920115743.dll 12831bytes 0X3CBD60A9 yes 1 Trojan
kb8209441.dll 27484bytes 0XB741D58E yes 1 Password
kb620124811.dll 14469bytes 0XF3F332AC yes 1 KeyLogger
kb62011560.dll 14465bytes 0X0DF6C744 yes 1 Password
kb520144940.dll 14550bytes 0X0A9578A4 yes 1 Password
kb420154353.dll 12341bytes 0XC4CAC4CD yes 1 Password
kb32012483.dll 13787bytes 0XE144F66E yes 1 KeyLogger
kb120155025.dll 13799bytes 0X4B354387 yes 1 BackDoor
kb1201416.dll 13799bytes 0X35D1C0F7 yes 1 BackDoor
kb120115442.dll 13844bytes 0X9E0A4868 yes 1 BackDoor
jY8sGUnWqbZb3x2BPhY.dll 18510bytes 0XB9A7BF21 no 1 Trojan
jx3.exe 13787bytes 0XBBE060C2 yes 1 BackDoor
jsqop.dll 155648bytes 0XA904F522 no 1 Password
jr[1].exe 8192bytes 0XCAA47113 no 1 Password
jr.exe 18432bytes 0X579391A4 no 1 KeyLogger
JMq7bpeR4Xa8eV5ftCB.inf 20571bytes 0X6BECAE7A no 3 Password
hv29AFBjE3zxAaK.inf 18515bytes 0X6FCFC413 no 3 KeyLogger
gttbwxc.exe 55808bytes 0X1728290D no 1 Password
gdsbgjin.dat 239112bytes 0X1EDB4571 no 1 Trojan
FsmBY3kmWnAG5gRbwGgU.inf 21102bytes 0X004B38E0 no 1 KeyLogger
ff55g.exe 89088bytes 0X61F9B047 no 1 KeyLogger
fake.exe 57344bytes 0X02370DCF no 1 BackDoor
EY5zY7JPqtgQ4mxgERCp5.inf 16984bytes 0X337244D9 no 3 BackDoor
dj[1].exe 8192bytes 0X14250A54 no 1 BackDoor
dj.exe 24691bytes 0X0622C40D no 1 Trojan
dhwz[1].exe 18432bytes 0XA7215017 no 1 Trojan
dhwz.exe 15360bytes 0X460F7019 no 1 Trojan
dHook.sys 2080bytes 0XE54161AA no 3 BackDoor
dh2.exe 14550bytes 0XA36ADF95 yes 1 Trojan
cq[1].exe 12288bytes 0XEEF3F6E7 no 1 Trojan
cqwz[1].exe 8192bytes 0X2F7AEEE6 no 1 Trojan
cqwz.exe 25600bytes 0X78CDF65B no 1 KeyLogger
cqsj[1].exe 27251bytes 0X979CD43C no 1 BackDoor
cq.exe 27245bytes 0X9ECC98B6 no 1 Password
cjsh[1].exe 13312bytes 0X83577C54 no 1 Password
cjsh.exe 23665bytes 0X17000E7E no 1 Trojan
CDuAUVkGy9.dll 14434bytes 0XF3BA31E3 no 3 Trojan
cconter.exe 69976bytes 0X0946571A no 1 Password
cb[2].exe 8192bytes 0X7C952B8D no 1 Password
cb[1].exe 9216bytes 0X4A0EFA00 no 1 KeyLogger
cb.exe 27238bytes 0XFEA59FE1 no 1 Password
c2nH4numz9knY5zqnC.inf 17920bytes 0XFA6273D4 no 1 Password
arp[1].exe 2048bytes 0X39AA08A5 yes 1 BackDoor
arp.exe 10240bytes 0X6FEA5EEA yes 1 BackDoor
AN2Epfv2VzeHreV.fon 17498bytes 0X4FAB7B67 no 3 BackDoor
A97CRaCB.fon 18011bytes 0X58C0FEBA no 3 BackDoor
a105[1].exe 1536bytes 0X8CE2F4F6 no 1 KeyLogger
a105.exe 31232bytes 0X80087ED1 no 1 BackDoor
9[1].exe 30340bytes 0X67ED4E9C no 3 BackDoor
908605 24592bytes 0X7A1FB3FD no 1 Password
8[1].exe 11816bytes 0XE69A9A55 yes 3 Trojan
894041 27242bytes 0XEF84BB7C no 1 KeyLogger
8927127 13877bytes 0X35D6128E yes 1 Trojan
879259 28778bytes 0X760B618C no 1 Trojan
864352 26726bytes 0X6E640DD4 no 1 KeyLogger
804973 27152bytes 0X25295E19 no 1 BackDoor
7[1].exe 27214bytes 0XE30FDF20 yes 1 Trojan
790425 24690bytes 0X6A4BD7C6 no 1 BackDoor
775939 27251bytes 0XAF59D929 no 1 Password
761454 21520bytes 0XE37513BF no 1 Trojan
747000 27782bytes 0X66525558 no 1 KeyLogger
718170 23161bytes 0X7C26B965 no 1 BackDoor
703747 27237bytes 0XA34C2C23 no 1 Password
6[1].exe 14465bytes 0XAD08A1D9 yes 3 KeyLogger
663463 26242bytes 0X8B4986CC no 1 KeyLogger
648915 30340bytes 0X67ED4E9C no 1 BackDoor
627428 27214bytes 0XE30FDF20 yes 1 KeyLogger
5[1].exe 14549bytes 0X3E86C61B yes 3 BackDoor
573908 13877bytes 0X35D6128E yes 1 BackDoor
4[1].exe 14541bytes 0XA366AC38 yes 3 Trojan
4940206.exe 92751bytes 0X2D0B9195 no 1 BackDoor
3[1].exe 13794bytes 0X6556A0FB yes 3 Password
2exJW3dsaTgWrf5uAPadmHN.inf 226412bytes 0X815ED2E5 no 3 KeyLogger
29[1].exe 73371bytes 0X9E3C75EB yes 3 KeyLogger
28[1].exe 56551bytes 0X8A8C657D yes 3 Password
284734[1].exe 47254bytes 0XFCF46E2E no 1 BackDoor
27[1].exe 24592bytes 0X7A1FB3FD no 3 BackDoor
26[1].exe 27242bytes 0XEF84BB7C no 3 KeyLogger
25[1].exe 28778bytes 0X760B618C no 3 KeyLogger
24[1].exe 26726bytes 0X6E640DD4 no 3 BackDoor
23[1].exe 25711bytes 0X4B8902B4 no 3 BackDoor
22[1].exe 23663bytes 0X8E988B8C no 3 KeyLogger
21[1].exe 5367bytes 0X3309618C yes 1 KeyLogger
20[1].exe 27152bytes 0X25295E19 no 3 KeyLogger
19[1].exe 24690bytes 0X6A4BD7C6 no 3 BackDoor
190.exe 124778bytes 0XE139A3D1 no 1 BackDoor
18[1].exe 27251bytes 0XAF59D929 no 3 Trojan
17[1].exe 17038bytes 0XFFE846D3 no 3 Password
16[1].exe 27782bytes 0X66525558 no 3 BackDoor
15[1].exe 24178bytes 0X8E474BA2 no 3 Trojan
14[1].exe 23161bytes 0X7C26B965 no 3 KeyLogger
13[1].exe 27237bytes 0XA34C2C23 no 3 BackDoor
12[1].exe 27237bytes 0X12AA1151 no 3 BackDoor
122B901E.dll 18512bytes 0X57FB70B9 no 3 BackDoor
11[1].exe 12831bytes 0XBC4FA574 yes 1 KeyLogger
10[1].exe 26242bytes 0X8B4986CC no 3 Password
006[1].exe 25600bytes 0X4FF37CA1 no 1 KeyLogger
001[1].exe 28535bytes 0X2F4549BD no 1 Password
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