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MoSo Anti-Malware Newly Added 1603 Malware Research(Updated at 22/11/2009)

1603 malware were caught by our honeypot network at 22/11/2009,Using powerful winpot based technology means we are able to see all bad files faster and protect you from them sooner,Here are the top ten malware variants:retry.sys,Locker.sys,soliee.exe,soss.exe,xoxxo.exe,xoxx.exe,lvbao.exe,
,Below is the other active infections:

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Note:MoSo Anti-Malware can easily block and remove all harmful applications as shown in the table below.Download at:http://www.moatsoft.com/download

File Name Size CRC Packed Variants Virus Type
~355987.exe 8704bytes 0XF756A287 no 2 Password
~355987.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 2 BackDoor
zxTT[1].exe 16990bytes 0X3DAA2254 no 2 Trojan
ztTT[1].exe 27782bytes 0XD358B331 no 2 KeyLogger
ztTT1161.exe 27782bytes 0XD358B331 no 2 Trojan
yxdTT188.exe 23151bytes 0XB7B182EA no 2 Trojan
x2[1].exe 1536bytes 0XEA06533C no 2 BackDoor
winhelp.exe 142336bytes 0X45B820EB no 2 KeyLogger
wdTT1926.exe 12830bytes 0XE5CA7162 yes 2 KeyLogger
vkxrjlyv.dat 239112bytes 0XCE1DF2E5 no 2 Password
tx2TT[1].exe 24172bytes 0X2600F017 no 2 Password
tx2TT1720.exe 24172bytes 0X2600F017 no 2 Trojan
tlTT[1].exe 30834bytes 0XCEF3F997 no 2 KeyLogger
sysDll.dll 158720bytes 0X07DC63AE no 2 Password
svwksxyr.dat 239112bytes 0X245EA2F3 no 2 BackDoor
smT27214589.exe 27214bytes 0X9A13C9EA yes 2 Password
smss[1].exe 65976bytes 0X0D00B55E no 2 BackDoor
shell.exe 20480bytes 0XB029185F no 2 KeyLogger
SbrmpxjdCrgRAFhz4gHh.inf 14848bytes 0X047B453A no 2 Trojan
plink.exe 40960bytes 0X8BA5F8EA no 2 Trojan
p1.dll 614400bytes 0X78FD1D17 no 2 Password
npruyx.dll 59392bytes 0X4CA7D600 no 2 BackDoor
nb9ming32c090423.dll 110592bytes 0X2F91C656 no 2 KeyLogger
MySysDL32.exe 90112bytes 0XAD7E68C1 no 2 Trojan
MySysDL32.dll 40960bytes 0X14C22989 no 2 BackDoor
muT26242128.exe 26242bytes 0XFC939C13 no 2 Trojan
mnpiy.exe 69632bytes 0XCCC65DC0 yes 2 Password
mk.exe 86016bytes 0X27005F81 no 2 BackDoor
Mfc42.tdm 61052bytes 0XA1725D86 no 2 KeyLogger
Mfc42.sys 91260bytes 0XC45FFC5C no 2 KeyLogger
mediaplayer.exe 10756bytes 0X52D95820 no 2 BackDoor
lvbao.exe 12288bytes 0XAD9E7A9F no 2 BackDoor
lsass.exe 12288bytes 0XAD9E7A9F no 2 Trojan
lmoqr.exe 101888bytes 0XAEA62441 no 2 Trojan
kqc15.tmp 122880bytes 0XFCABF314 no 2 Password
kb82118531.dll 27214bytes 0X88877606 yes 2 BackDoor
kb821112349.dll 27214bytes 0X88877606 yes 2 BackDoor
kb821112232.dll 27214bytes 0X356B380F yes 2 Password
kb62111221.dll 14465bytes 0X0DF6C744 yes 2 Password
kb121111832.dll 13844bytes 0X5F099B73 yes 2 KeyLogger
kaqgo.exe 34816bytes 0X696AE82B no 2 Trojan
jzTT[1].exe 19870bytes 0XE3924414 no 2 Password
jrTT[1].exe 23160bytes 0XD2B360BC no 2 BackDoor
hx2Tno46.exe 24196bytes 0X722F0A9D no 2 Password
eiceu.exe 69632bytes 0XCCC65DC0 yes 2 BackDoor
dzaipn.exe 60416bytes 0X187207F4 no 2 KeyLogger
dhwdT24592233.exe 24592bytes 0XF13BF369 no 2 BackDoor
cqwdTno99.exe 28778bytes 0X1A597DEA no 2 Trojan
cqsjTT1723.exe 26739bytes 0XD0B3BB19 no 2 BackDoor
conme.exe 10240bytes 0X870A4BDD no 2 Password
CJSHTT[1].exe 6910bytes 0X6FCFB920 no 2 Password
CJSHT23666794.exe 23666bytes 0X6C3C0305 no 2 BackDoor
CJSHT2366641.exe 23666bytes 0X6C3C0305 no 2 Trojan
9[1].exe 30340bytes 0X67ED4E9C no 2 Trojan
6[1].exe 14465bytes 0XAD08A1D9 yes 2 Password
68[1].exe 15550bytes 0X4E67778B yes 2 KeyLogger
5[1].exe 14549bytes 0X3E86C61B yes 2 KeyLogger
4149142 27251bytes 0XAF59D929 no 2 BackDoor
3924762 27237bytes 0X12AA1151 no 2 Trojan
3881261 12831bytes 0XBC4FA574 yes 2 Password
3633565 13794bytes 0X6556A0FB yes 2 Password
360cvxcn 709688bytes 0XADBFB8F2 no 2 Password
2exJW3dsaTgWrf5uAPadmHN.dll 225900bytes 0X3DDCEC1C no 2 KeyLogger
29[1].exe 42078bytes 0XB2671920 yes 2 Password
27[1].exe 24592bytes 0X7A1FB3FD no 2 BackDoor
26[1].exe 27242bytes 0XEF84BB7C no 2 Password
25[1].exe 28778bytes 0X760B618C no 2 BackDoor
24[1].exe 26726bytes 0X6E640DD4 no 2 Trojan
23[1].exe 25711bytes 0X4B8902B4 no 2 Trojan
1[1].exe 13844bytes 0X5F5CA60D yes 2 KeyLogger
19[1].exe 24690bytes 0X6A4BD7C6 no 2 KeyLogger
17[1].exe 21520bytes 0XE37513BF no 2 BackDoor
16[1].exe 27782bytes 0X66525558 no 2 Trojan
13[1].exe 27237bytes 0XA34C2C23 no 2 Password
10[1].exe 26242bytes 0X8B4986CC no 2 Trojan
004[1].exe 92695bytes 0XF20BB342 yes 2 Password
t1.exe 9040bytes 0XDF522924 yes 2 BackDoor
9.exe 30834bytes 0X7D4765F4 no 2 Password
8.exe 27250bytes 0XCBF5C504 no 2 KeyLogger
7.exe 27243bytes 0XBA55EFC2 no 2 Trojan
6.exe 32768bytes 0XB7FC9000 no 2 KeyLogger
5.exe 27238bytes 0XA81923EE no 2 KeyLogger
4.exe 30224bytes 0X1B4E5D92 no 2 Trojan
39.exe 27233bytes 0X0D48F4E8 yes 2 BackDoor
38.exe 23159bytes 0XB82A14C2 no 2 BackDoor
36.exe 30340bytes 0XB40F0C2C no 2 KeyLogger
35.exe 29790bytes 0XAFF29F85 no 2 Trojan
31.exe 27233bytes 0X0D48F4E8 yes 2 KeyLogger
30.exe 63381bytes 0XF1B70C44 yes 2 KeyLogger
3.exe 25616bytes 0XA45BEF1B no 2 KeyLogger
29.exe 24592bytes 0X5AF2DE92 no 2 KeyLogger
28.exe 14376bytes 0X737E18FE no 2 Password
27.exe 25734bytes 0X0BF878E2 no 2 KeyLogger
26.exe 57049bytes 0XF749C636 no 2 Trojan
25.exe 25712bytes 0XB00BACB7 no 2 Trojan
24.exe 18608bytes 0X6EB763D5 no 2 BackDoor
23.exe 28781bytes 0X9EC5162C no 2 Password
22.exe 25185bytes 0X8EAC6869 no 2 Trojan
21.exe 27243bytes 0XBE7E353E no 2 Trojan
20.exe 49875bytes 0X0148B3B7 no 2 Password
2.exe 13799bytes 0X08F4045B yes 4 Password
19.exe 27782bytes 0X0DD5CC82 no 2 Trojan
18.exe 24689bytes 0X3BED2C1A no 2 BackDoor
17.exe 27233bytes 0X0D48F4E8 yes 2 BackDoor
16.exe 27233bytes 0X0D48F4E8 yes 2 Password
15.exe 27243bytes 0X0F4C0129 no 2 Trojan
14.exe 27152bytes 0X83580F4B no 2 Trojan
13.exe 28176bytes 0X9F76FAF7 no 2 Trojan
12.exe 26242bytes 0X411DBD7E no 2 KeyLogger
11.exe 30837bytes 0X7C536F9C no 2 Trojan
10.exe 27243bytes 0X9E801805 no 2 KeyLogger
~uf19.tmp 5367bytes 0X8CE5AE78 yes 2 KeyLogger
~153650.exe 8704bytes 0XF756A287 no 2 KeyLogger
~153650.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 2 BackDoor
zuTT[1].exe 8351bytes 0XBD322DF5 no 4 KeyLogger
z6FVkEF47huPzgaXee.inf 18519bytes 0XBE665B0E no 4 KeyLogger
yxdTT[1].exe 8350bytes 0X5CEF7E24 no 2 BackDoor
xoxxo.exe 32768bytes 0X7347ADE6 no 2 Password
xoxx.exe 8192bytes 0X8DCA13E7 no 2 BackDoor
xcTT[1].exe 9790bytes 0X3FCDE15F no 4 Password
WUstNjhyfQfpv8PQbC.cur 20480bytes 0X7A4ED735 no 2 KeyLogger
wmitpfs.dll 68096bytes 0XA9C9CD5C no 4 KeyLogger
wmgjTT[1].exe 15550bytes 0X39348A2B no 4 Password
wlTT[1].exe 8350bytes 0XF1D2162C no 2 Password
Wfayv6njQnCsg.inf 23552bytes 0X8D725F3F no 4 Trojan
wdT12830334.exe 12830bytes 0XE5CA7162 yes 2 Password
W8MvNsbGCCW52XyxV8wQ.inf 20563bytes 0XAFFF6F6A no 4 KeyLogger
ujMhyGsS7tRV9gU2HHMkJcu7DPU.inf 20568bytes 0X6E11AA5F no 4 Trojan
temp.exe 88576bytes 0XA95D8D35 no 2 Password
sZaeAC74EzXJeVeJu6p.cur 16986bytes 0X1A629176 no 4 Password
sxTT[1].exe 6911bytes 0XED7F817D no 4 Trojan
soss.exe 16384bytes 0X4D6659B1 no 2 KeyLogger
soliee.exe 10864bytes 0XFC51B457 no 2 Trojan
SjQGXVR4VJHtTHeDE75wC.inf 17006bytes 0X66A38A90 no 4 KeyLogger
RXNK8eR3xW8KTCWBCGTbqm.inf 19562bytes 0X0C4E65C0 no 2 Password
qqhxTT[1].exe 6910bytes 0XC3C2D516 no 4 Trojan
nXe2grrKNzF9dxYKmqg.inf 22098bytes 0X812A86F3 no 4 Trojan
Noy1A.tmp 16936bytes 0XD5C76A9A no 2 Password
Noy19.tmp 23728bytes 0X103F8141 no 2 Password
ndxq9awMc.dll 17998bytes 0XDD2AB7B2 no 4 Trojan
mxsTT[1].exe 9791bytes 0X81BE1D01 no 2 BackDoor
mxsTPassword50.exe 25616bytes 0XE3D7D810 no 2 Password
MXDTT[1].exe 9790bytes 0X1254886F no 4 Trojan
Locker.sys 3968bytes 0X33B7953C no 2 Password
kxTT[1].exe 4031bytes 0X694AFCC5 yes 4 KeyLogger
kb822164646.dll 27233bytes 0X88BF6E85 yes 2 Trojan
kb122164453.dll 13799bytes 0X0365A796 yes 2 Password
jxsjTT1263.exe 11816bytes 0XFD270508 yes 2 KeyLogger
JMq7bpeR4Xa8eV5ftCB.inf 20059bytes 0X863EEAEA no 4 Password
hx2TT[1].exe 12670bytes 0XFCB7976B no 2 Trojan
hv29AFBjE3zxAaK.inf 18514bytes 0X004577EE no 2 KeyLogger
hrekv.fon 7040bytes 0X68F6949A no 2 BackDoor
gm.exe 26112bytes 0X3F98CE64 no 2 Password
FsmBY3kmWnAG5gRbwGgU.inf 21102bytes 0X933F44E0 no 2 Trojan
EY5zY7JPqtgQ4mxgERCp5.inf 16983bytes 0XC382C80C no 4 Password
eqap.fon 18944bytes 0X24662529 no 2 Password
djTT[1].exe 8350bytes 0X51BED269 no 2 KeyLogger
dhwdTT[1].exe 14110bytes 0XA178D964 no 2 Trojan
dh3TT[1].exe 9790bytes 0XF2D39221 no 4 Trojan
dh2TT[1].exe 15550bytes 0X1E0073FF no 4 BackDoor
ddVPascWfSShX0VrqXGjB.inf 17920bytes 0X74AADB82 no 4 KeyLogger
cqwdTT[1].exe 8350bytes 0XE2B9DEF5 no 4 KeyLogger
cqsjTT[1].exe 6912bytes 0X966A5CC5 no 4 Password
CDuAUVkGy9.dll 14432bytes 0XBF867EA9 no 4 Trojan
cc[1].exe 2615bytes 0X0973B776 yes 2 Trojan
cc.exe 26180bytes 0XA689741A yes 2 BackDoor
c2nH4numz9knY5zqnC.inf 17920bytes 0XFA6273D4 no 2 Trojan
bWxJAeWKDxgRfhkaWEfA33C36nr.inf 23115bytes 0X00893CFA no 4 Trojan
BtmBAnd89jc9PsPq5EKNj.inf 221271bytes 0XE49A4E2F no 4 Trojan
AN2Epfv2VzeHreV.fon 17492bytes 0X68DB43AC no 4 BackDoor
abcd.exe 31744bytes 0XD1ADC7FE no 2 BackDoor
A97CRaCB.fon 18010bytes 0X2382F24F no 4 Trojan
62[1].exe 14110bytes 0X6CC8AA04 yes 2 Trojan
2EF0D734.dll 220268bytes 0X26BFBFF6 no 4 Password
1545311.exe 1536bytes 0XEA06533C no 2 Trojan
122B901E.dll 18512bytes 0XCBEB3F0F no 4 Trojan
~uf1C.tmp 5367bytes 0X8CE5AE78 yes 1 Password
~uf1A.tmp 5367bytes 0X8CE5AE78 yes 1 Trojan
~78250.exe 8704bytes 0XF756A287 no 1 Trojan
~78250.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 1 Trojan
~58279.exe 8704bytes 0XF7DDA201 no 1 BackDoor
~58279.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 1 Password
ZXVCsaddjX.dll 4096bytes 0X6866022D no 1 Trojan
Wsock32.dll 53248bytes 0X2C3D5842 no 3 BackDoor
winyyy.sys 21248bytes 0XF2EE82BE no 3 Trojan
winsys.exe 45056bytes 0X5C1FAB86 no 5 Trojan
winsccoo.exe 139776bytes 0X5C4B48CB no 3 BackDoor
t329062.dll 59392bytes 0X93059898 no 1 BackDoor
smss.exe 270336bytes 0X6FD39084 no 5 Password
sa0.exe 31744bytes 0XD1ADC7FE no 1 Password
rpcss.dll 388608bytes 0XA7FF4D08 no 1 KeyLogger
retry.sys 3952bytes 0X27AFD261 no 1 Password
qtsut.dll 59392bytes 0X4CA7D600 no 1 Password
q15.exe 16384bytes 0X79CF388B no 1 KeyLogger
q14.exe 19496bytes 0X9DFD0621 no 1 KeyLogger
q10.exe 25088bytes 0X42B64928 no 1 KeyLogger
q09.exe 12336bytes 0XD8E08932 yes 1 Trojan
q08.exe 20480bytes 0X9651F571 no 1 BackDoor
q05.exe 20408bytes 0X43042E44 yes 1 Trojan
PPlayer.2.1.58130.251.(508).dll 110080bytes 0X19B8A54F no 3 KeyLogger
NtHid.sys 5008bytes 0X48880585 no 1 BackDoor
MzvEdjX.dll 8489bytes 0X3CBE273C yes 1 Trojan
ming9b090423.exe 59576bytes 0X36F8F3F0 yes 3 Password
MEsgGEdjV.dll 11776bytes 0X680FF82B no 1 BackDoor
lvbao[1].exe 12288bytes 0XAD9E7A9F no 3 Trojan
lsasvc.dll 26112bytes 0XD7E4C5CD no 3 Trojan
kmlnpo.exe 101888bytes 0XAEA62441 no 1 Password
kb922111259.dll 12831bytes 0X3CBD60A9 yes 1 Trojan
EX6yHpM6akhMMh4bDbXPAWssHcE.inf 24154bytes 0X1170F56F no 3 BackDoor
dnfT0X88BB0660026.exe 13844bytes 0X88BB0660 yes 1 BackDoor
cconter.exe 69976bytes 0X0D95C1A3 no 3 BackDoor
AsgFdjV.dll 7680bytes 0X644CD280 no 1 BackDoor
admin.obj 15360bytes 0X5CC7F33B no 1 Trojan
877929 11816bytes 0XE69A9A55 yes 1 KeyLogger
79e7.exe 577536bytes 0X5FC61B9E no 1 BackDoor
791311.exe 1536bytes 0XEA06533C no 1 Trojan
711511 27152bytes 0X25295E19 no 1 BackDoor
652974 14465bytes 0XAD08A1D9 yes 1 BackDoor
591686.exe 1536bytes 0X9F71BB22 no 1 Password
404b3221.fon 49152bytes 0X0F729B7B no 1 BackDoor
3.dll 57344bytes 0X8B369C41 no 1 Password
28[1].exe 4023bytes 0XFC9CB8E9 yes 5 Password
20[1].exe 17038bytes 0X571AC1E2 no 3 Trojan
12[1].exe 9838bytes 0XA1633D1F no 3 BackDoor
1.exe 67072bytes 0XF05C913A no 7 Trojan
031[1].exe 18432bytes 0X4A92F1F6 no 1 Password
022[1].exe 25655bytes 0X3FAB43CD yes 1 BackDoor
022.exe 33416bytes 0X49EE1E67 yes 1 Trojan
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