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MoSo Anti-Malware Newly Added 1344 Malware Research(Updated at 30/11/2009)

1344 malware were caught by our honeypot network at 30/11/2009,Using powerful winpot based technology means we are able to see all bad files faster and protect you from them sooner,Here are the top ten malware variants:fxsst.dll,MySysDL32.exe,MySysDL32.dll,itMq.dll,fa7b.dll,WinHelp32.exe,
,Below is the other active infections:

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Note:MoSo Anti-Malware can easily block and remove all harmful applications as shown in the table below.Download at:http://www.moatsoft.com/download

File Name Size CRC Packed Variants Virus Type
_TA.tmp 45056bytes 0X079C2136 no 2 BackDoor
y8[1].exe 25088bytes 0XAA08A29B no 2 KeyLogger
wow.exe 13312bytes 0X854D635F no 2 Password
wini31.exe 71680bytes 0X5997F472 no 2 Password
vista.exe 90624bytes 0XC9D7E7F5 no 2 KeyLogger
UHZTJHGFYYED.exe 836135bytes 0XB851785F no 2 Trojan
svwxsxgl.dat 243208bytes 0XAE15941E no 2 KeyLogger
svokshuf.dat 243208bytes 0XC3F76C66 no 2 BackDoor
mgepmcbu.dat 243208bytes 0X4166461D no 2 Trojan
lsass.exe 12288bytes 0XC1333FBE no 2 Password
ktppn 3584bytes 0XF758AA05 no 2 BackDoor
jrtvvwpx.dat 243208bytes 0X54A7CE7B no 2 Password
hbsjh.drv 18432bytes 0X68635B2E no 2 Trojan
Entor.sys 3952bytes 0X7B4CB05E no 2 Trojan
79e7.bmp 577536bytes 0X95ED8F97 no 2 Password
17[2].exe 2590bytes 0X7D3DACFB yes 2 BackDoor
147[1].exe 9813bytes 0X696BDC11 yes 2 BackDoor
10342.exe 25616bytes 0XE3D7D810 no 2 Trojan
092229.exe 14549bytes 0X628326EF yes 2 BackDoor
03139.exe 12830bytes 0XE5CA7162 yes 2 BackDoor
Sz_ddos.exe 38400bytes 0X28D2C1F0 no 2 Trojan
sy.exe 90112bytes 0XAD7E68C1 no 2 Password
Qvod.exe 72192bytes 0X55063C0D no 2 KeyLogger
fy.exe 10756bytes 0X1C3DEE88 no 2 Password
Dw_server.exe 50688bytes 0X300ABE95 no 2 KeyLogger
80.exe 91260bytes 0XC45FFC5C no 2 Password
68.exe 25088bytes 0X8728D301 no 2 BackDoor
1394.exe 709688bytes 0XADBFB8F2 no 2 KeyLogger
~169182.exe 8704bytes 0XF756A287 no 2 Trojan
~169182.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 2 BackDoor
xy[1].exe 14541bytes 0X1A58A20F yes 2 KeyLogger
xdopgcb.exe 55808bytes 0X4B6A5890 no 2 Trojan
win[1].exe 2637bytes 0XECCEE287 no 2 BackDoor
WinHelp32.exe 38912bytes 0X2D2FCCB2 no 2 Password
Windows.ime 69632bytes 0X218F1307 no 2 Password
win.exe 26286bytes 0XB6C01765 no 2 Trojan
wd.exe 12659bytes 0X9D0280B6 yes 2 Trojan
tmp.exe 40960bytes 0X219FB687 no 2 KeyLogger
tl[2].exe 14465bytes 0X2FCDA35B yes 2 KeyLogger
svcdbdmp.dll 52736bytes 0X23F6AB65 no 2 Trojan
server.exe 26112bytes 0XBEC18C8D no 2 Password
sbwnp.sys 28448bytes 0X11C7390F no 2 Password
s.exe 73728bytes 0X928FB18F no 2 Trojan
qq[2].exe 8192bytes 0XE058C085 yes 2 Password
qq[1].exe 5120bytes 0XCDBE17F4 yes 4 KeyLogger
qqhx[1].exe 13016bytes 0XDF49F196 yes 2 KeyLogger
ok.exe 14336bytes 0X668B9138 no 2 Password
my[1].exe 12305bytes 0XA20AC04E yes 2 Trojan
MySysDL32.exe 90112bytes 0XAD7E68C1 no 2 Trojan
MySysDL32.dll 40960bytes 0X14C22989 no 2 KeyLogger
mkmmy.exe 38400bytes 0X28D2C1F0 no 2 BackDoor
ming9b090423.exe 59596bytes 0X12C1130E yes 4 KeyLogger
mhzx.exe 27558bytes 0XE1A1927F yes 2 Trojan
Mfc42.sys 91260bytes 0XC45FFC5C no 2 KeyLogger
Mch3B.tmp 41308bytes 0XA3EB6A62 no 2 Trojan
kb83013538.dll 27896bytes 0X997CFD4A yes 2 Password
kb43003016.dll 12268bytes 0XC421C6BD yes 2 KeyLogger
kb143018251.dll 12662bytes 0XA035465E yes 2 KeyLogger
kb113005927.dll 13016bytes 0XC28E1245 yes 2 KeyLogger
kb103014954.dll 11816bytes 0X2C27991D yes 2 BackDoor
kb030141013.dll 14541bytes 0XB40EB02D yes 2 BackDoor
kb0301027.dll 14541bytes 0XA33A69D7 yes 2 Password
jxsj[1].exe 11816bytes 0X0052CBC9 yes 2 Trojan
jx3.exe 21504bytes 0X13EB81A6 no 2 Password
itMq.dll 32768bytes 0X252AF857 no 2 Password
gm.exe 25088bytes 0XFDB79D16 no 2 BackDoor
epok03.exe 61536bytes 0X54B9ED45 no 2 KeyLogger
e7df.exe 57344bytes 0XF45AF3A4 no 2 BackDoor
e7064046t.exe 20480bytes 0X955900DA no 2 Password
e7017234t.exe 3013bytes 0X7087CBD6 yes 2 BackDoor
dh2[1].exe 14565bytes 0XE3501338 yes 2 KeyLogger
cqgl[2].exe 12662bytes 0XBF63C403 yes 2 Trojan
bzcfegf.dll 60928bytes 0XD1A16CDF no 2 Password
abs.exe 52736bytes 0XAF285208 no 2 Trojan
97[1].exe 2613bytes 0X12251AEB yes 2 KeyLogger
68[1].exe 2613bytes 0X4A18889F yes 2 BackDoor
62[1].exe 2613bytes 0X8013A294 yes 2 KeyLogger
283.exe 38912bytes 0XACB8D638 no 2 Trojan
16[1].exe 12662bytes 0X07AE7F44 yes 2 Trojan
15[1].exe 15574bytes 0XD33F7793 no 2 KeyLogger
11747.exe 27248bytes 0X636C14AF no 2 Password
091207.exe 14549bytes 0X628326EF yes 2 Trojan
08544.exe 13016bytes 0X74A8095B yes 2 Password
051975.exe 14541bytes 0X0D6C7BF5 yes 2 BackDoor
042638.exe 11816bytes 0XFD270508 yes 2 Trojan
032282.exe 12830bytes 0XE5CA7162 yes 2 Password
x107.exe 32256bytes 0XF9F79795 no 2 Trojan
x010.exe 126981bytes 0XF92730F7 no 2 Trojan
smss.exe 69242bytes 0XFE0666D7 no 2 BackDoor
Setup.exe 111616bytes 0X7133598C no 4 Password
lvbao.exe 12288bytes 0XC1333FBE no 4 KeyLogger
InstallE.exe 350720bytes 0X40995726 no 4 KeyLogger
284734.exe 38912bytes 0XACB8D638 no 2 Password
17.exe 25088bytes 0X0C5FBB53 no 2 KeyLogger
031.exe 19456bytes 0X9EB8BE81 no 2 Trojan
004.exe 92841bytes 0XB089EBEE yes 2 Password
svchosts.exe 370162bytes 0XF91C7A8F no 4 BackDoor
google.dll 196608bytes 0X392E9932 no 2 BackDoor
~igqpf.tmp 8256bytes 0XC922F806 no 1 Password
~94331.exe 8704bytes 0X89C52B6D no 1 Password
~94331.ex 10752bytes 0XE55CDE00 no 1 Trojan
z6FVkEF47huPzgaXee.inf 18519bytes 0XBE665B0E no 5 Trojan
yxdtv.exe 38912bytes 0XACB8D638 no 1 BackDoor
xiazai.exe 28823bytes 0X9E47CCD4 no 1 BackDoor
x02.exe 122884bytes 0XB6E1CC75 no 1 Trojan
WUstNjhyfQfpv8PQbC.cur 20480bytes 0X7A4ED735 no 5 Password
Wsock32.dll 53248bytes 0X051CFA32 no 1 KeyLogger
wmitpfs.dll 68096bytes 0X670D34D5 no 5 BackDoor
winsys.dll 196608bytes 0X392E9932 no 1 Trojan
Wfayv6njQnCsg.inf 23552bytes 0XE561491A no 1 BackDoor
vxxljykf.dat 242184bytes 0X06A88CC1 no 1 KeyLogger
VGA34.tmp 13100bytes 0XE09CF0AF no 1 Trojan
usbhcid.sys 10496bytes 0X0B5E407E no 1 Trojan
update.exe 105549bytes 0XB12E72BD no 1 KeyLogger
ujMhyGsS7tRV9gU2HHMkJcu7DPU.inf 20568bytes 0X6E11AA5F no 5 Trojan
sunny.sys 6272bytes 0X92F224DD no 1 KeyLogger
ribxi.drv 18432bytes 0X68635B2E no 1 Password
QvodSetupPlus3.exe 363582bytes 0XBF24A285 no 1 Trojan
qt[1].exe 21504bytes 0XB62A13D5 no 1 Password
qq.exe 473252bytes 0X37073CC2 no 7 KeyLogger
pt001[1].exe 1198bytes 0X5CF574AC yes 1 BackDoor
PPlayer.2.1.58130.251.(508).dll 110080bytes 0X6E88FC98 no 3 BackDoor
player011[1].exe 45352bytes 0XF9B42AE7 no 1 BackDoor
player011.exe 204800bytes 0X562E443C no 5 Trojan
PERrGx5DkqSbQdwauCRQH.dll 18944bytes 0XA24344CD no 3 BackDoor
pcidump.sys 11904bytes 0X72848EB2 no 1 BackDoor
pci.sys 3200bytes 0X1D202F50 no 1 KeyLogger
p1.dll 614400bytes 0XCAE1138B no 5 Password
NtHid.sys 5008bytes 0X48880585 no 3 Password
nsd45.tmp 159744bytes 0X65DCEDA3 no 1 Password
nsc2E.tmp 196608bytes 0X392E9932 no 1 KeyLogger
nn.exe 152968bytes 0XF6930DF3 no 1 Trojan
nb9ming32c090423.dll 110592bytes 0X6D36C04C no 5 Trojan
mstcs.exe 71680bytes 0X5997F472 no 1 BackDoor
msched.exe 55296bytes 0X996D436C no 1 BackDoor
mpeg2[1].exe 147752bytes 0X5F7BD1A3 no 1 Password
mpeg2.exe 151552bytes 0X0F95D0B4 no 1 BackDoor
mm[1].exe 23336bytes 0X5DD08B12 no 1 Trojan
mm.exe 27136bytes 0X72AD8EDF no 3 KeyLogger
mk.exe 31744bytes 0XE50144AE no 1 Trojan
lvbao[1].exe 16384bytes 0XB7B5343E no 1 BackDoor
lsasvc.dll 26112bytes 0X5CF6277E no 5 BackDoor
L0ADER.EXE 30382bytes 0X272EC382 no 1 Password
ken12[1].exe 27944bytes 0X9D29920D no 1 KeyLogger
kb83022548.dll 27214bytes 0X29FE8DF5 yes 1 Password
kb830153715.dll 27214bytes 0X29FE8DF5 yes 1 BackDoor
kb1230153724.dll 12305bytes 0X296AF875 yes 1 Trojan
kb11302265.dll 13016bytes 0X696FEA88 yes 1 KeyLogger
IETimbar.dll 173432bytes 0X2286DA94 no 1 KeyLogger
hcpidesk.sys 155908bytes 0X92366DD8 no 1 BackDoor
gnrvm 3584bytes 0XF758AA05 no 1 KeyLogger
Gheic.sys 3952bytes 0XFAB6A948 no 1 Trojan
fxsst.dll 73728bytes 0XB0369AF7 no 1 KeyLogger
fa7b.dll 122880bytes 0X413D44A2 no 5 KeyLogger
el32.dll 114688bytes 0X2ED785F1 no 1 BackDoor
e1329734t.exe 20776bytes 0X151ABAE5 no 1 BackDoor
e1319515t.exe 119080bytes 0X93F05982 no 1 Trojan
e1273328t.exe 63385bytes 0XBE64F846 yes 1 Trojan
dosss11.dll 77824bytes 0X8E05A4E9 no 1 Trojan
dll15.tmp 17668bytes 0X32AC7243 no 1 Trojan
d1[1].exe 25384bytes 0X39696383 no 1 BackDoor
d1.exe 29184bytes 0X93C9566E no 1 BackDoor
cpush0.dll 200704bytes 0XC5114510 no 1 Trojan
conme.exe 11264bytes 0X2D0E035E no 1 BackDoor
cconter.exe 69242bytes 0XFE0666D7 no 1 Trojan
c2nH4numz9knY5zqnC.inf 17920bytes 0XFA6273D4 no 5 Trojan
bwlenqbd.exe 43008bytes 0XC3C9D1EE no 1 Trojan
AsyncMac.sys 2176bytes 0X50941D56 no 1 KeyLogger
aa[1].exe 31436bytes 0X49F96DA4 no 1 Trojan
a18467stva41a.dll 9216bytes 0X398370EA no 1 Password
17[1].exe 25384bytes 0XA1B717B1 no 1 Trojan
153046.exe 24592bytes 0X2C6A1C7E no 1 KeyLogger
131220cf2b6b43127bf3cc3d9f1362ae[1].gif 38880bytes 0X24A33212 no 1 Trojan
12[1].exe 120104bytes 0X5A8BCF54 no 3 BackDoor
122B901E.dll 18512bytes 0XCBEB3F0F no 5 BackDoor
122585.exe 27152bytes 0X56630BA5 no 1 Password
11[1].exe 12694bytes 0XBDD697B7 no 3 KeyLogger
10934736.exe 21913bytes 0X51D0912D yes 1 Password
1.exe 32919bytes 0X89CB00D0 no 3 Password
09[1].exe 14632bytes 0XEC1553E3 yes 1 Trojan
08[1].exe 13096bytes 0X0791D1AD yes 1 BackDoor
07[1].exe 12584bytes 0XC34A973E yes 1 BackDoor
06[1].exe 27432bytes 0XED358C30 yes 1 Password
05[1].exe 15349bytes 0X3522A1E9 yes 1 KeyLogger
03[1].exe 16926bytes 0X4CEBBD70 yes 1 KeyLogger
033046.exe 16926bytes 0X4CEBBD70 yes 1 BackDoor
032125.exe 16926bytes 0X4CEBBD70 yes 1 Password
02[1].exe 14632bytes 0X48D4E777 yes 1 BackDoor
021158.exe 18561bytes 0XC8F4A34E yes 1 Trojan
01[1].exe 27944bytes 0XE1039CB7 yes 1 Trojan
0.exe 157665bytes 0X3F0DC170 no 1 Trojan
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